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Core Confidence Share Their Outcomes
"Core Confidence was life changing"
Charles – USA
"If you're female you should consider Core Confidence"
Ash – Canada
"I strongly recommend this to anyone who is social anxious, doesn't believe in themselves and wants to take the next steps in their life... your future self will thank you" 
Justin – USA
"I highly recommend the core confidence program to anyone who's looking to hold themselves accountable" 
Phil – USA
"I noticed as the weeks went on the quality of my conversations dramatically improved. People really started opening up to me." 
Ben – Australia
More Testimonials
"Having been an Art of Charm listener for many years, it felt time to invest in myself and trust their expertise and advise that has helped me in my own life. Joining core confidence helped me improve my interactions with people, from first impression to growing my comfort with presenting a better image to people I saw every day. The exercises push you, gently, out of your comfort zone in order to help you change and grow. The program was a success and the coaches were amazing. It inspired me to take the next step and attend an AOC bootcamp which I have successfully completed as well. Much thanks to AOC and their whole team." 
Daniel – USA
"The Core Confidence program really kickstarted my personal growth journey. It gave me the tools to understand the choices I was unconsciously making and change them for the better. It was great being surrounded by a support system that also cares strongly about personal growth and is not afraid to keep you accountable. I found it to be so valuable that I have since inspired my friends at home to kickstart our own accountability group to achieve our personal goals."
Chris – USA
"Art of Charm’s Core Confidence Class was a revelation in self-discovery and personal development. The lessons gave new self-awareness that helped me identify the psychology behind my avoidance behaviors. The techniques we learned helped me reframe my story of avoidance, and to instead embrace challenge. With the course exercises I saw firsthand how Intention and anchoring techniques allowed me to step into awkward and/or uncomfortable social situations with confidence. I would have never imagined myself doing the exercises we did. For example, sparking conversation with complete strangers in a public place is something is something I would have shied away from. I now see a thrill in the challenge. The bottom line for me is the techniques we learned helped transform my introverted tendencies, reframed those tendencies into a newfound interest in social adventure and engagement. As a result, the class has given me new life skills and I look forward to pursuing goals that have been on-hold for years."
David – USA
"After listening to the Art of Charm podcasts I knew I wanted to improve my social skills, but I didn’t have the time or money for the Bootcamp. I decided to take the online Core Confidence class, as it seemed like a good fit for me since I didn’t have the time or money for the Bootcamp. This decision proved to be a great one. I did not realize how much room for growth I had in my self-confidence until I actually started to receive coaching. My coach, Michael, was incredibly knowledgeable and caring, but he also challenged us. The program does a new topic each week, and each new topic is the next logical step in building confidence. I now better understand myself and my goals and values, I know how to cope with bad feelings and anxiety, and I have vastly improved my conversational skills. I highly recommend this program, especially if you are shy or introverted and truly want to take your relationships and connections to the next level."
Chip – USA
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Art of Charm Academy. I have gained several new experiences and learned many lessons along the way. I have always wanted to gain more confidence, but was not sure where to begin. The Art of Charm classes gave me a roadmap to completing my journey. With lesson plans, video conferences, and real world task experiences, their execution will help guide you closer to the person you have always wanted to be. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take the class and will continue to use the skills I have learned in the future."
Gina – USA
"Before taking Core Confidence, I didn't have as many friends as I wanted, struggled with persistent negative thoughts and was uncomfortable making small talk with strangers and even many colleagues at work. The accountability thought WhatsApp and the weekly sessions, as well as the daily challenges that were part of Core Confidence helped me push out of my comfort zone and do things that I never thought that I would do and have made it easier for me to develop rapport with others. Even people that have known me for many years have pointed out that there is something different about my personality. I also love the fact that the weekly sessions are available to review since I found the repetition to be extremely helpful as there is so much life-changing information that is presented. If you put in the work, Core Confidence will have a lasting positive impact in your life and can open so many doors and opportunities that this training is truly invaluable."
Rohan – USA
"Core Confidence gave me a place to start and a plan for having more interaction with people. The exercises will push you out of your comfort zone and get you well on the way to being more confident."
Mark – USA
"Before Core Confidence, while I had a good job and a small circle of loyal long time friends, I still felt lonely and anxious more often than not. I had also just moved across the country and was working from home. I didn't know anyone and my shyness was getting in the way of meeting people and establishing friendships. The accountability exercises we did in Core Confidence forced me to confront my fears and get out there. I ended up joining a class and a couple of regular meetup groups and have made some nice friends. I am now no longer self-conscious about speaking in front of people and offering my ideas and opinions.

Michael's enthusiasm as a trainer and his ability to hold us accountable in a supportive way helped me to progress and stay focused. I found his training on toward moves and conversation starters especially helpful. The other members of our group were going through similar struggles so I was able to relate to them and learn from their techniques and successes when we were faced with weekly challenges. We also used WhatsApp to stay connected and root for each other.

I believe this course was effective for me because it required active participation with weekly assignments and feedback sessions. I spent many years reading books to help change my beliefs and they did not work. I only wish I had been able to take Core Confidence sooner!"
Mark – USA
"In the last three months, I have made more progress than probably the entire year before that, and I was extremely hard-working that whole time.

It's about having someone who can call you out when you’re making excuses and who can also have your back when things start to get bumpy. You are going to push each other and encourage each other, and sometimes it’s just helpful to know that there are other people out  doing this stuff with you.

Now, I feel like I can do pretty much anything I want even chat up a movie star."
Mihir M
"I’m pretty much more confident in every aspect of my life. I’m more confident in how I present myself, how I talk to people, I’m not scared of having more intimate conversations with friends where I have to make myself vulnerable. I’m not so nervous anymore when I talk to strangers! I did pretty much every challenge you can think of and they are not a problem for me anymore.

And I feel I’m happier. The biggest thing is I feel like I set the ball rolling. It’s going forward, and it’s not standing still anymore. Yes, I feel like I’m ready to go the difficult path that is more rewarding. I’m looking forward to the future!"
Dominick B
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